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WAC We Are Cultured Solar Mist


Intelligent. Solar Powered. Probiotics. Fermented. (Mic drop)

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Clean beauty just got a smart upgrade_


The notion: harmony is better than destruction_

The Solar Mist uses friendly, intelligent microbes to help keep things clean, controlling the adaptation and growth of pathogens with an army of good bacteria that works for you and your environment up to 48 hours after each application.


Solar Power_

But doesn’t mean you have to keep it in the sunlight to work. Unlike most probiotics, the Solar Mist doesn’t need to be refrigerated as it’s powered by visible, infrared and UV light. In fact, it pretty much lasts forever as it continuously ferments in its bottle. What sorcery is this? It's quantum biology, based on real science, mirroring the intelligence of nature. 


Intelligent ecosystem_

With more than 50,000 strains of bacteria found in the Solar Mist ecosystem, this dynamic team of bugs work together in harmony to stabilise pathogenic organisms, rebalance microbial environments, and can also indirectly assist in yeast-related fungal outbreaks.



Our first range features travel-friendly 100ml mist bottle concentrates.

Application uses are dynamic, created for the 21st century women.


Fermentation power that goes on forever in its bottle_

Naturally fermented to continuously produce organic purifying agents – citrus oils, enzymes, citric and lactic acids – this intelligent, diverse ecosystem of bacteria is solar powered. 



Safe for children, pets, sensitive skin and of course, the planet, this army of friendly microbes is bottled in a recycled BPA free bottle, housed in a recycled paper box.



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(green bottle)

for your hands & body_

This intelligent probiotic mist modulates your skin microbiota. When used regularly, the Solar Mist forms a protective cocoon of good bacteria on your skin, which can help combat dirt and body odour.

Let's be honest, no pedicure can cure stinky feet. But cultured babes know that misting on feet minutes before wearing covered shoes helps odour correction. That's just the way the microverse works. Furthermore, the mist will also work for underarms over time. Best part is, it multi-tasks as a nifty hand sanitizer.

Adaptive to your unique microbiota, this army of good bacteria buddies works for up to 48 hours after each application.



(pink bottle)

for the delicate you, and your honeypot_

This gentle hygiene mist has been specially formulated with a pH level that’s optimal for your delicate parts, keeping them healthy, balanced and odour-free.

With each application, an all-natural army of micro managers nestles in your nooks and crannies to deodorise and regulate your unique microbial levels.

Let’s be honest, babes need to feel clean, even after a gym sesh, period and sex. Designed to look discreet and chic in your handbag, it also doubles up as a gentle deodorant and hand sanitizer (will work for the boys too, of course).

Establish a regular misting routine to maintain a healthy and stable microbial community, which continues working up to 48 hours after every mist.


(white bottle)

for your living spaces_

Commercial cleaning agents make a 99.9999% promise to sanitise and remove all bacteria from your environment. However, it’s been proven that the teeny 0.0001% they leave behind is usually a colony of highly adaptable pathogens. These pathogens recolonize the area within minutes and lower the effectiveness of your anti-bacterial cleaners over time. Without good bacteria keeping things under control, the pathogens come back fiercer and stronger each time.

This probiotic cleaner effectively sanitises your living spaces on a microscopic level. Working up to 48 hours after every application, the powerful microbes found in each mist feed on your environmental nasties, combat grime, grease and dust, and eliminate odour ingeniously.

Consistent use of this cleaner will build a protective glaze of microflora that removes gunk and suppresses bad bugs from evolving, lowering the rate of subsequent recontamination.

Chemical cleaners froth and bubble to make you think things are clean. Instead, we rely on organic acids, essential oils and intelligent probiotics and enzymes.

It’s about time bacteria learns to cleans up after itself.


WAC we are cultured Solar Mist