Solar Mist - Hands&Body

Solar Mist - Hands&Body


1 x 100ml intelligent solar probiotic ferment concentrate
BPA free recycled bottle  
Fine mist sprayer
Sticker pack to customise your microverse
Recycled paper packaging
Propietary Australian Technology

The AI of probiotics, powered by the sun. Let's be honest babes, this mist is formulated for the lazy.

We love multitasking tools built for the power babes.

First, no pedicure can mask stinky feet. Misting regularly over feet may correct bad odours.

Mist as a nity hand ‘sanitiser’(safe for kids and finger licking' snackers), and underams odour aid, later.

With each application, an all-natural army of micro managers nestles in your nooks and crannies to deodorise and regulate your unique microbial levels, up to 48 hours after every mist.


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In the age of solar energy, it's about time we get some Sunshine Power into the world of beauty_

Watch behind the scenes 

WAC We are cultured Solar mist

Beauty is more than skin deep_


Multi-tasking as with all WAC products, designed for real women in the 21st century. 

1.Cracked heels + Foot odour correction

  • We recommend misting directly on feet minutes before wearing covered shoes to assist in odour correction. 
  • Best used at least once a day.

2. Hand 'sanitiser'

Best for the germaphobes. Combats dirts on a microscopic level on-the-go. Finger lickers and kid friendly - no chemicals and poisons here. 

  • Mist directly onto hands, ideally wet hands and pat to dry.

3. Body exfoliant

  • Mist after shower, ideally while skin is still wet. Pat lightly to dry. 
  • Mist into tub of water for a full body soak for softer skin

Establish a regular misting routine to maintain a healthy and stable microbial community, which continues working up to 48 hours after every mist.


It's about a dynamic ecosystem_

With more than 50,000 strains of bacteria found in the Solar Mist ecosystem, this dynamic team of bugs work together in harmony to stabilise pathogenic organisms, rebalance microbial environments.

Fermentation power that goes on forever_

Naturally fermented to continuously produce organic purifying agents – citrus oils, enzymes, citric and lactic acids – this intelligent, diverse ecosystem of bacteria is solar powered. Does not need refrigeration and, doesn’t mean you have to keep it in the sunlight to work as it’s powered by visible, infrared and UV light. In fact, it pretty much lasts forever as it continuously ferments in its bottle.


Fermentation extracts, natural enzymes, *organic essential oils (lemon, lime, orange, pine), citric acid, lactic acid, alcohol surfactant (by-product of fermentation).

Key groups of strains :
Lactobacillus, photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts.

*Special continuous fermentation allows the potency of essential oils to be perpetually reproduced in its bottle.

Rather than relying on the illusion of soap bubbles to feel clean, Solar Mist harness the power of organic cleaning agents and lactobacillus to clean sustainably. 


Life is made up of microbes and you are made of more bacteria cells than human cells. Let's make sure we have the right ones on our side. 


To ensure the Solar Mist works at its most efficient, here are some tips regarding its application.

Water helps_ 

Imagine an ant trying to get from your lawn to bedroom, that’s how far the microbes have to travel. Water acts as a carrier to transport the microbes, allowing them to build their communities on applied surfaces. Wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean all surfaces and the cloth used.

Regular, consistent usage_

Patterns mirror the bio-rhythm of the intelligent microbes, giving you better results. Establish a pattern for your application: twice a day/ every night/ every two days. The key is using your Solar Mist a little each time, regularly.

WAC we are cultured solar mist

Solar Mist is a Proprietary Australian Technology

Live with the right little buggers_

Our bodies are brimming with microbes.
Bacterial cells in us outnumber our human cells.

Harmony is better_

The age of anti-bacterials and harsh soaps have stripped away the inbuilt intelligence of the body's natural microbiome and its defence system. Solar Mist, as with all WAC's products, seek harmony and not destruction - true sustainable beauty and wellness can only be achieved in a balanced microverse.


Your microbiome is unique to you, just as you are babes! Solar Mist is programmed to recognise your biome needs and tailor its solution upon applied areas.