HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - Silk Pillowcase

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - Silk Pillowcase

from 55.00

(vs commonly found 19 or 22 momme silk)

Standard Size 20 x 28" or 51 x 71 cm.

In Blush Copper Pink(non-toxic dyed), with "Hello Beautiful" embroidery on top corner.

No trees were harmed, packed in a recycled paper tube.

Baby and children friendly. Start em' young!


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It’s time to sleep like a queen with our mulberry silk pillowcase. Completely natural, 100% sustainable and more earth-friendly than any other material, our mulberry silk pillowcases will help you wake up with baby bottom smooth skin and healthy hair. 


Similar to human hair, mulberry silk fibres contain 97% amino acids and 3% waxy and fat fibres. They’re the most naturally compatible and friendly material to our skin. Mulberry silk also has hypoallergenic properties and is naturally resistant to other tiny baddies like dust mites, mould, fungus and various allergens - perfect for people with allergies. 


Want clearer and softer skin?

Hate waking up with tangled and greasy hair?


Be a sleeping beauty with your very own Head In The Clouds.

Get our silk pillowcase for a better you in the morning.