Pure Matcha Powder and Freeze-dried Lemon.
2.5 Billion CFUs Ganaden BC30 probiotics (clinically proven)/sachet.
Box of 7 sachets

Can't decide if it's a matcha morning or lemon warm cleanse kinda day? Well,  let's do both then.

Taste notes:  Astringent, followed by a lingering sweetness coupled with subtle citrus undertones.

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Each box contains 7 Coltcha sachets

Nutrient dense, on-the-go, fine powder.


+ Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E,vitamin K , 137 x super antioxidant activity compared to green tea, amino acids such as L-theanine and theophylline, sustainable caffeine (as compared to coffee).

+ Organic Freeze dried lemon

Many love taking lemon water in the mornings, we have just made it easier. Vitamin C for immunity and needed for collagen production, helps digestion, can help stimulate proper stomach acid production and bile production.

A study found that ascorbic acid (found in lemon) enable more of green tea’s unique antioxidants to remain after digestion. Vitamin C increased recovered levels of the two most abundant catechins by 6-fold and 13-fold, respectively. Matcha and Lemon juice is a match made in heaven, lovely as a cold brew.

+ 2.5 billion CFUs / sachet

In the name of liberty, we craft each serving of Magic Dust to contain 2.5 billion live cultures, bacillus coagulans GBI-30, to support a healthy gut, yet not overpowering so you can consume up to 1-4 servings a day in your own creative ways. our sachets are fashioned to be the ninja reinforcements that maximise your lifestyle.


As a tea:

1. Add with hot water to cover powder
2. Mix into a paste
3. Top with with hot or cold water to fill a cup, up to a jug. 
4. Drink, repeat till flavour runs bland. (good for at least 2-3 steeps).


Steep the tea blend in hot water at an ideal temperature of approximately 85°C to maximize the time period the probiotics are active for. drink within 45 minutes for maximum efficacy. the higher the temperature, the quicker it should be consumed. 

If mixed with cold water, you may chill the drink at a temperature of 8-10°C and below to keep the probiotics alive for a longer time period ( 1 - 2 months ). 


Our strain of probiotics is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Suitable as a baking element - we recommend temperature not to exceed 140°C and consumed within 20-25 minutes. Best added as a topping or base or sprinkled as powder.


* Great as citrus matcha ice cream
* Bake into zesty lemony dessert bars