Hi! Welcome to our Microverse where babes get gutsy.

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Hi! Welcome to our Microverse where babes get gutsy.

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we are cultured inner glow microbiome gut health party with the right bugs
WAC we are cultured get gutsy cultured squad probiotics gut health magic dust equilibrium


The future of clean beauty starts here. And, it begins with the right guys. 😏

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Babes loved to party. 

But too many parties later, coupled with unhealthy food, booze, anti-biotics and bad habits, our lives finally reached breaking point. Allergies, leaky guts, chronic exhaustion and crazy downward spirals of depression led us from doctor to doctor. 

Desperately hunting for a way out, we chanced upon research that addressed our issues: the human microbiome ecosystem. As we studied more about the interdependent relationship humans have with bacteria, we began making changes to our diet and lifestyle. The healing began.
we are cultured microbiome beauty
we are cultured wac microbiome probiotisc

All about probiotics.

As the anti-biotic generation, we see a need to speak harmony and peace into the world of bacteria rather than hate. 

These little bugs are the basis of life. In fact, we are made up of more bacteria than human cells. 

We want to break the stigma of bacteria and its bad rep. Let's live with the right guys (including the one in your apartment 🙄).
we are cultured wac microbiome probiotisc

Gutsy beauty?

No amount of make up truly hides fatigue, sluggishness, skin issues or the bloat.

Trust that gut feeling, it has been the key all this while. Beauty is not a size or look, it's a feeling.
we are cultured microbiome beauty

We cover all bases here, shop more below.

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We are the future of clean , sustainable beauty. Trust your gut feeling, it holds the key to all your beauty and wellness goals. 

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