Wellness holidays are the perfect way to de-stress, get moving and reset your mind. Here are our fave wellness retreats for 2017.

1. Ananda Spa, India

Classic luxury, Himalayan views, Ayurvedic treatments

Best wellness retreats 2017

Add deeply relaxing spa treatments and the best Asian and Western detox food and you see why celebs like Oprah, Uma Thurman and countless Asian princesses flock to Ananda Spa. Located in the far north of India, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, you won’t find anywhere else with the deep spiritual feel of Ananda.


Your typical day at Ananda: Morning yoga, breakfast, Ayurvedic consultation and treatment. Lunch on the balcony, private meditation and two-hour massage. Sauna, vedanta class (philosophy) dinner and a trip to watch the nightly Aarti ceremony on the Ganges.

india wellness retreat

2. Chiva Som, Thailand

World's best spa cuisine, Pilates, physiotherapy & weight loss 

health retreat thailand

Princesses from all over Europe frequent this resort thanks to the spa cuisine. It's truly the world’s best healthy food. Everything from Osso Bucco to eggplant lasagne are available to cater to all cultures, but you'll find meals in small portions made of only healthy ingredients.

Your typical day at Chiva Som: Light breakfast and stretch class. Enjoy a morning PT sessions then head to lunch. Get centred with a Pilates session on the reformer, then slow it down with a private Watsu massage (water massage) Head to dinner then relax in the spa.

watsu treatment

3. Svarga Loka, Bali

Remote jungle calm, on-site wellness clinic & affordable wellbeing

wellness retreat bali

Escape to the jungle and live amongst Tomb Radier-esque temples at this new wellness retreat in Ubud, Bali. Only a 30 minute walk to Ubud town, you’ll feel peacefully remote, enjoy wellness cuisine and absolute tranquility. Newly established, Svarga Loka is currently an affordable alternative to world famous retreats, so get in quick before it gets added to the it-list!

health retreat Bali

Your typical day at Svarga Loka: Morning yoga  and breakfast with options like chia crisps, kefir yoghurt and home made dragon fruit kombucha. Try a colonic or counselling session onsite at the Ayusha Wellbeing Clinic, then lunch. Relax poolside, and unwind with a traditional Balinese massage and blessing. Finish your day with a nutritious dinner.

best wellness retreat in Bali

4. Aro Ha, New Zealand

Plant-based menu, simple secluded setting, eco-friendly accomodation


Nestled in the breathtaking Southern Alps of New Zealand, Aro Ho does everything simply; the architecture is eco-friendly and minimalist, as is the food. Choose from their retreat options and escape to this mountainous retreat.

aroha health retreat

Your typical day at Aro Ha: Wake up with a morning hike in the mountains. Enjoy a light vegetarian breakfast and group mindfulness workshop and yoga class. Head to lunch, then relax with a nourishing massage and hop in the pool overlooking views so good you’ll think you’re in Lord of the Rings. Finish the evening with a plant-based meal.

best health retreats

5. Canyon Ranch, USA

On-site medical & health team, bodywork treatments and wellness menu

wellness retreats 2017

With everything from fitness to cardiovascular testing, neuropathic consults, holistic physical therapy and sexual health professionals, you can address every aspect of your wellbeing here.

best health retreats 2017

Your typical day at Canyon Ranch: Start the day with a gentle movement class and nourishing healthy breakfast. Head off for an integrative medical consult and recharge with lunch. De-stress with a relaxing spa massage and acupuncture session before a superfood charged dinner.

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If you can't find your way to one of the luscious retreats above, no worries! Create your own at-home retreat with super foods and probiotic-enriched foods like our Magic Dust tea.