What you put in your body is important, but what about what you put on it? As populations boom, sweat shops are used more and more, but there are plenty of super stylish, beautifully crafted brands who promise their clothing is ethically made. 

What is ethical fashion?

It's pretty much fashion that cares

Ethical fashion accreditation means products are made from design to completion in a safe, ethical and humanitarian way. It can mean everything from outsourcing handiwork to disadvantaged artisans in developing nations to creating transparency and legally compliant practices in the fashion industry within a country eg. Ethical Clothing Australia.

Why choose ethical fashion?

You really matter, and every time you hand over a dollar of your hard earned money, you’re saying you approve of the product and the brand you’re buying. 

When you buy this season’s new cats eye sunglasses from Karen Walker, you’re saying you value human rights in the workplace, you don’t support child labour, and you value the preservation of the environment.

The top 5 ethical brands you need to know now

1. Ginger & Smart

Ginger & Smart ethical sustainbility

This Aussie favourite is one of Australia’s most modern and elegant brands, and is certified with Ethical Clothing Australia. This means they pay their staff good wages, ensure healthy working hours, prohibit forced and child labour and use fibres that create less environment impact.

We love Ginger & Smart’s new AW17 campaign, with its deep maroon hues and feminine pencil skirts, and if you’re in the heat, the Resort17 collection is a must!

2. Nobody Denim

Image credit

Image credit

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, Nobody is now a worldwide favourite thanks to their stylish jeans. With some of the world’s most flattering skinny jeans, Nobody doesn’t compromise on social responsibility. They are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, promising fair wages and safe workplaces.

We love the Bessette Jean blending light denim with a dark denim stripe for the ultimate urban street style.

3. Stella McCartney

Stella Mccartney sustainable

The only vegetarian luxury brand in the world, Stella McCartney promises no leather, no fur and no skin in any of their clothes or accessories. The infamous brand is also a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative which promises to promote safe and fair working conditions.

We love the soft blue and white shirts and relaxed silhouettes of the new Spring/Summer 17 collection. 

4. Cue

Cue Australia ethical fashion

One of Australia’s best women's brands, Cue mixes modern luxe with wearable workwear for the ultimate in ethical office fashion. Cue is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring transparency of practices, safe workplaces and decent wages for its workers.

We love the pink and black dresses and chic ankle-length over coats of the new AW17 collection.

5. Karen Walker

karen walker sustainbility

The eyewear Queen and the creator of  luxury indie style, this Kiwi designer is eclectic, cool, and committed to sustainability and ethical practices. None of their products are tested on animals, and all workers are promised fair work hours, wages and benefits.

We love the new dramatic, oversized Transformers eyewear collection packed full of attitude.

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