Small changes to your bedroom can make a huge difference to your sleep. Check out these handy hints to help you optimise your snoozing.

1. Swap white lights for warm lighting

Create a moody, warm atmosphere by swapping the lightbulbs in your bedroom for warm, soft lightbulbs. Add at least one lamp to your bedroom so you can decrease the light input and stimulation of your brain while you're getting ready for bed.

how to sleep better

2. Ditch digital glare

Digital beams and lighting can prevent your brain from producing melatonin; the hormone that helps you feel sleepy when the lights go off. Cover lights from air conditioners, your TV box, and turn your phone on silent and place the screen facing down to ensure these small lights don't continue to stimulate your brain through your closed eyes.

3. Choose a spine-friendly mattress and pillow

Back and neck pain are the enemy of a deep sleep. Choose a high quality, firm mattress to ensure your spine is supported in all the different positions you sleep in.

Choose the right pillow size for you. If you usually sleep on your side, ensure your neck is supported and not flexed when resting on the pillow. If you usually sleep on your back, choose a smaller, flatter pillow that won't push your head forwards when you rest.

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4. Decrease clutter to increase calm

In the words of organisational-queen Marie Kondo; only keep things that give you joy. Have a big clean out day, and donate or throw away rugs, clothes, photo frames, jewellery and anything else you don't love anymore. Once you put it all away in a clean closet, you'll have a new spacious room! The space helps you brain unwind after a busy day, and supports your ability to drift off to sleep.

how to sleep better

5. Create a palatial bed with luxe linens

You know how hotel beds are like palatial nests thanks to fluffy duvets and baby-soft linens? Create your own opulent hotel-esque bedroom by choose high-quality linens and bed covers. Silk is the perfect fabric, as it's gentle on your skin, and helps regulate your temperature so you never get too hot or cold.

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If you want to kickstart your bedroom transformation to optimise your sleep, start with a sleep-inducing pillowcase. Browse the We Are Cultured silk pillowcase in blush pink and you'll be on your way to better sleep in no time.