Creating nightly rituals can help you sleep better, and get to sleep faster. Check out these habits you can learn to get your best shut-eye yet.

1. Change into pyjamas  (or go nude!)

Preparing for bed can help you sleep better. Changing out of your day clothes into PJs or a robe can set up a healthy pattern in your mind. Your brain starts to associate the change of attire with sleepiness, and this new habit becomes a way for you to slow down and switch off.

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2. Ditch the digital one hour before bed

It can be hard not to watch Netflix in bed, or flip through Instagram on your phone when it's time for lights out, but this screen time can deplete your melatonin; making it harder to get to sleep. Instead, try listening to a podcast in the dark, or put some music on with the lights out.

3. Make your bed with luscious linens

Making your bed in the morning can make you more productive throughout the day, but it can also help your brain de-stress at night. Reduced clutter and a clean, well-made bed with beautiful sheets creates a welcoming, relaxing space, and stimulates your brain to wind down. If you've got too much on your mind, try writing a to-do list before you go to bed so you're not worried you'll forget your tasks.

WAC Silk Pillowcases - Browse the collection

WAC Silk Pillowcases - Browse the collection

4. Avoid cardio two hours before bed

Try gentle yoga, meditation or a stretch class at night time, rather than a cardio workout, as raising your heart rate right before bed creates stimulation rather than calm. If cardio is your favourite workout style, try squeezing it into your morning, your lunch break, or straight after work so you have time to wind down before bed.

5. Stay warm with heat packs, hot tea and warm blankets

Even in hot weather, your body needs to feel warm to relax into sleep. Try a caffeine-free tea to unwind, followed by cozying up to a hot wheat bag and nestled amongst warm blankets. 

To kick-start your journey toward better sleep, try adding a beautiful pillow case to your collection, and sip on warm tea to start your wind-down at the end of a busy day.  Browse our collection of sleep-friendly teas and linens below.