These women will inspire you to live your best life just by scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

Holistic Health & Activewear Inspo

1. Bianca May Cheah

Founder of luxury online wellness magazine SportLuxe, Bianca Cheah is a must-follow wellness guru. After ten years as a model, Cheah learned the importance of holistic health, and founded Sportluxe to inspire other to live well with recipes, workouts and general handy info. She’s succeeded, and it’s one of the largest online wellness sites in the world.

Follow her personal wellness tips and style advice here, and check out her flawless activewear and gorgeous Frenchie on her Instagram feed here

2. Spoonful of Sarah

Founder of Matcha Maiden, creator of Matchy Mylkbar, ex-lawyer and owner of an Instagram feed jam-packed full of more wellness inspiration than you can imagine; Sarah Holloway is the ultimate healthy influencer. Check out her blog for more detailed healthy living tips and insight into Lululemon’s new releases (Sarah Holloway is also a Lulu ambassador….of course)

If reading isn’t your thing, Sarah has plenty of inspiration via her Instagram. Luscious breakfast spreads, lust-worthy activewear and flawless off-duty fashion looks await you. Enjoy.

Yoga and flexibility Inspo

3. Kinki Wong

Hong Kong-based Kinki Wong, founder of KFly Aerial Yoga, and the designer of the Kinki aerial yoga clothing line will inspire you to climb up the nearest drape of silk and wear full a bodysuit to your next yoga class. 

Notorious for doing a full backbend just two days before her daughter was born, Kinki is one of the strongest yogis, mums and businesswomen you’ll meet. Check out her international KFly empire here, or swipe through her perfect yoga poses on Instagram.

Plus! We’ve met Kinki and she is the kindest international wellness influencer we’ve ever met! 

Healthy Food Inspo

4. Lola Berry

Lola Berry has taken nutrition and made it fun, relatable and at times, controversial. This vivacious Aussie blonde blends science with genuinely tasty, easy-to-make recipes in her books, online, in her You Tube Channel. Recently, Berry also created Happy Place at the South Melbourne markets, a smoothie/bowl/health food stop with nourishing, albeit pricey, options for busy people.

Stay up to date with Lola Berry’s overseas culinary adventures, yoga poses and public appearances on her Instagram here. 

Fitness Inspo

5. Amanda Bisk

Amanda’s flawless yoga poses and fitness pics are endearing because she’s got a relatable back story. As a Commonwealth Games pole vaulter, Bisk’s mission to qualify for the Olympics was halted when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Her experience with wellness, health and nutrition started, and she continues to provide a holistic look at fitness, not just hard core workouts (although there’s plenty of them on her website too!)

Now an exercise physiologist, you can sign up for her fitness programs, or check out her on-point activewear, retreats and fitspo pics on her Instagram.

Get inspired, don't compare

The amazing businesswomen mentioned above are inspiring, but don't compare yourself lady! You're amazing too! Use their healthy tips to motivate you to treat yourself better, not to feel bad for the times you're too busy to workout, or you just really crave some fries and wine!

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