Self care includes being mindful of what your body absorbs, and becomes part of you, which includes your skincare! Here are out top picks for skin-safe, luscious organic products to keep your skin baby soft and healthy for 2017. 

What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so tread carefully. Choosing skin-safe, nourishing organic products is a great way to keep you skin healthy while avoiding nasty chemicals. 

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Do chemicals from skincare really penetrate your skin?

Yes. Consider a nicotine or birth control patch. These chemical supplements rely on the absorption of chemicals through your dermal layers and into your bloodstream. This means chemicals from your skincare can do the same.

Don’t worry though! There are so many beautiful organic brands out there, and as long as most of your skincare is organic, you’re on your way to safer skincare.


Our top 5 favourite organic skincare brands

1. True Meaningful Beauty

From the breathtaking mountains of Wanaka, New Zealand, True is the ultimate in simple, effective organic skincare designed to celebrate your natural beauty.

organic skincare new zealand

2. Salt & Glow

Fresh, invigorating and complete with beautiful typography and feel-good messages, Salt & Glow is a small Sydney-based company you need to know. Using stunning local ingredients like Kakadu plum, you’ll love the smells and textures you haven’t seen yet.

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3. Mukti Organics

Well-established and hugely popular around the world for a reason, Mukti offers everything from skincare to makeup, all 100% certified organic. 

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4. Antipodes 

Rich serums and oils, plus plenty of creams, body washes and even makeup, Antipodes is a favourite from New Zealand, and the skincare brand for Air New Zealand.

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5. Frank Skincare

Hailing from Singapore, this luxury organic skincare range has everything from men’s products to a skin safe pregnancy range. You’ll love their packaging too!

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What's the secret to healthy skin?

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it! Pair your organic skincare regime with deeply nourishing food starting with We Are Cultured probiotic teas. These supercharged drinks are designed to nourish your body and are rich in antioxidants which bind to free radicals to prevent skin cell damage.