Sleeping on 100% mulberry silk isn't only luxurious, it can also help you sleep better! Check out how sleeping on a luscious silk pillowcase can help you have a more restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Silk Pillowcase by We Are Cultured

Silk Pillowcase by We Are Cultured

1. Silk prevents you from over-heating or cooling

Silk is one of the most breathable fabrics, meaning silk pillowcases can help regulate your temperature. On hot, summer nights when your face is burning and you're struggling to sleep, silk is light and breezy, helping your skin stay cool. You won't have to flip your pillow to find the cool side as you would with a cotton pillowcase.

Similarly, on freezing nights, there's nothing worse than the cold cotton of a pillow touching your neck when you're nodding off. Silk's ability to regulate your temperature ensures it never has that 'cold to touch' feeling, to help you stay snuggly warm in winter.

silk pillowcases for better sleep

2. Silk doesn't pull on your skin

Have you ever woken up with lines from your pillow on your face? These lines are signs your pillowcase has been creating little micro tears within your skin. Not only does this lead to ageing, but it also can create tiny spots of inflammation which turns part of your body onto high alert. No thanks! Silk doesn't pull on your skin, so no alert needed, leading to a more restful sleep.

Silk pillowcases are available to buy online here

Silk pillowcases are available to buy online here

3. Silk is hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally resistant to allergens like mould, dust mites and fungus. This means your immune system isn't challenged during sleep, leading to a more restful, deep sleep.

If you want to experience a deep, restful sleep on a luscious silk pillowcase, now you can! We Are Cultured now sells 100% mulberry baby-soft pure silk pillowcases in blush pink, carefully designed to help optimise your beauty sleep.