If you're like us, you love pouring over epic landscapes and food pics on Instagram, but your screen time could be contributing to feelings of stress and overwhelm. Here's how to decrease your stress levels without abandoning your phone.

how to relieve stress

1. Turn off un-needed push notifications

Constant 'pings!' when you're trying to recharge on the couch, or enjoy the outdoors can steal your body's ability to be calm and recharge. The constant interruption causes internal frustration, and disrupts the task you're enjoying. Plus, do you really care if someone you know also commented on that photo of a teacup pig? Probably not right?

push notifications and stress

2. Turn down the brightness

Screen brightness creates stimulation within the brain, and when you're heading to bed, a bright screen can prevent melatonin from kicking in and helping you get to sleep. If you need music, or a TV show to fall asleep, turn the screen brightness off and just listen. Ah, bliss!

phones and stress management

3. Create a calm inbox

Turn off notifications for your inbox, and try to check it only three times per day. This helps lower feelings of overwhelm and means you make the choice to access them without allowing them to disrupt your brief moments of 'you' time. If someone needs you urgently, they'll call. Trust.

digital stress

Another great way to relieve stress is to eat and drink probiotics. This works thanks to the handy gut-brain link! If you want to decrease your stress levels with beautiful probiotic tea, check out our range of teas below.