Pairing raw foods with delicious probiotic-rich tea, vegetables and fruit is the perfect way to protect your gut. With all the new info about the gut-brain link, protecting your gut is now more important than ever!

what is raw food

What is raw food?

Not just carrot sticks, raw food means anything that hasn’t been heated during preparation.

Raw foods include raw cacao, raw honey, raw milk, uncooked veggies, uncooked fruit, seeds, grains, sauerkraut, fermented veggies, fermented apple cider, raw cheese and kimchi just to name a few.

probiotics and raw food

Why is raw food better for you?

Naturally occurring foods (raw foods) are jam-packed full to enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. When you cook foods, particularly over 120 degrees, most enzymes are eradicated. This means by the time the food reaches your gut, it’s depleted of all the goodies which could help your gut with its digestive process. 

When you eat raw food though, the enzymes in your food work with your digestive enzymes to help your stomach break down what you eat. This relieves the stress and strain on the digestive system, helping your food be broken down faster and more efficiently.

why are raw vegetables are better for you

Combining raw foods and probiotics

Probiotics are super gut protectors, and also help break down your food, so!

It's clear combining probiotics with raw food is both protective and efficient for your gut’s digestion. 

Great ways to combine raw foods and probiotics for superstar gut health are:

Side Dish

Eat raw, fermented cabbage = sauerkraut and kimchi

Lunch Idea

Eat a raw veggie salad with raw tahini dressing, paired with We Are Cultured probiotic tea

Dinner Idea

Combine a beautiful raw tomato gazpacho soup with We Are Cultured probiotic tea for a warming lunch


Treat yourself to a raw Gingerbread Cacao cake (recipe here) paired with a cup of We Are Cultured tea for the ultimate afternoon tea indulgence.

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You’re doing your best, and your best is amazing girl!

Every little bit of wellness can help you feel brighter and more energised; so start your journey to amazing gut health now with We Are Cultured teas.