If pounding the pavement in the newest Nike Frees is your worst nightmare, don't worry! Here are our top 3 ways to get your cardio fix without going for a run.

Cardio workouts, or aerobic fitness, are vital to your wellbeing as they help regulate your blood pressure, respiratory health, weight and and organ and muscle health. Aerobic fitness means anything that gets your heart pumping, but don't worry lady! There are plenty of aerobic workouts that don't involve running.

1. Spin Class Made Fun

Move over boring bike classes, spin class has had a makeover in 2017.  Whether you try the disco cardio party at boutique cycling studio Bodhi and Ride in Port Melbourne, or the pounding beats of XYZ in Hong Kong, there's sure to be a boutique cycling studio near you blending sound and cardio to keep you motivated.

2. Power Yoga

If you think yoga is all about stretching and breathing, think again! Power Yoga has transformed traditional Indian yoga poses into fast-paced, gruelling workouts incorporating balance, flexibility and strength. Plus! Most studios offer mildly heated classes (not quite as hot as Bikram) to get you sweating and working hard. Try ten advanced sun salutations in a row and feel your heart race!

3. Online workouts to do at home

Hate the gym? You're not the only one, and clever fitness pros have made it easy for you to get your heart racing in your own home. Apps like Kayla Itsine's Sweat With Kayla, Nike Women's NTC and Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation are just a few options for amazing and inspiring online at-home workouts.

4. Beyoncé Dance

Packed with fun and laughs, and sure to get you sweaty, Bey dance classes are taking over as a new workout style. Each class is inspired by some of the dance moves Queen B does herself, plus the teacher's choreography; all set to Beyoncé songs. Available around the world now, Google to find your nearest Beyoncé dance class. Try it. Trust.

5. Boutique workout classes

Personal training is no longer intimidating with group training classes made available at beautiful boutique fitness studios. Sure to get your heart pounding, and guarenteed to leave you sore the next day, boutique fitness studios are the new workout of choice for those who love to workout hard, but like the motivation of a trainer. Enjoy sharing the pain with fellow gym junkies all completing the same circuit. 

Whatever workout you choose, find one that inspires and motivates you. There's no need to feel the drain of a gym workout if you hate it - choose something uplifting and fun! Who can dance to Beyoncé without a smile on their face right?