Magic Dust

+ What ?

First a functional organic fine whole tea, but born to be limitless.

We love the idea of combining minimaly processed super herbs and super foods together with the power of gut friendly probiotics, for a warm afternoon pick-me-up tea or sprinkled on to everything. Say bye to the days of consuming good-for-you gut cultures in the form of a pill or dairy based food.

+ Hot Water, really?

Our strain of probiotics is very resilient and can withstand high heat, including boiling water. Its has a guaranteed efficacy at 2.5 billion with hot water, ideally at 80 degress c to ensure the spores of the bacteria stays intact for 45 minutes before they break open and germinate in your gut (the hotter the water the quicker the spores break open, which is still great, just consume quickly) and slowly decrease thereafter, you can however just pop it into the fridge and it will retain for 3 days.

+ Strain of Probiotics

Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30, 6086

GanedenBC30® is a patented, well researched strain of spore-forming probiotic – similar to a seed, its genetic material is protected by a hard shell.

This spore safeguards the probiotic from the heat, cold and pressure of manufacturing processes, allows for stability during the product shelf life and protects the cells from the acid and bile they are exposed to during transit through the digestive system. once it is safely inside the small intestine, the probiotic germinates and colonizes to provide benefits.

Most probiotics are extremely fragile and thus few cells survive digestion to populate the intestines, while this strain was designed by nature to survive and thrive in conditions other probiotics cannot.

The only bacillus that

A. the FDA has reviewed for safety.

B. subject of over 20 studies published in peer reviewed journals—which means experts have reviewed the results of the studies.

C. endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Andrew Weil.

+ Sediments

Let's embrace natural sediments, adopt fine wholefoods. It's time to break the rules.

We use only finely ground USDA organic wholefoods, thus natural sediments may occur and it is perfectly fine. Just whisk well and drink up.


If you find the tea too saturated, allow sediments to settle, refill with water, sip and repeat.

+ can't decide?

Great starters : Coltcha (Matcha+lemon) and Equilibrium (Matcha+jujube dates).

Intense Detox : Morning After (lemon+ginger+turmeric) or Perk(matcha+ginger+turmeric).

Best sellers : Coltcha (Matcha+lemon)

+ why not tea bags

Many tea bags are made from bleached paper or plastic/silk/nylon mesh made from PLA (polylactic acid), made from corn, most likely GMO corn unless it has a non-GMO verification. The heat from the hot water used in the steeping process also causes a breakdown in these ingredients which are inevitably consumed when you sip your tea. If you like your tea in bags, do look out for the few that use unbleached, bio-degradable paper tea bags or opt for loose leaves. We love loose teas, however, they take time to steep well and is a hassle to prepare on-the-go.

"Do you see a problem or do you see an opportunity to create change?"

+ Allergen Info

Oh, we know the pain.

We understand how difficult it is to walk the journey of multiply allergies and being constantly cautious every moment, we have been there ourselves. Step aside sherlock, we took it upon ourselves to transparently discern all our ingredients so that you can focus on things that matter.

We do NOT handle dairy, nuts, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten, peanuts. feel free to speak with us regarding any concerns, we are here for you.

Our mission is to cater to every individual possible. as our name says it all, we are not afraid provide you as much information as possible, so you are cultured to make wiser decisions.

Sugar allergy

Although pretty rare, but we got your back too. our teas do not have any sugar added. low GI, unrefined, USDA organic, gluten free, cross contamination free, coconut sugar sachets are packed seperately. Do note that coconut sugar is not suitable for individuals with sugar allergies.

Ginger allergy

Since ancient times, ginger is famous for its medicinal properties and for its use in various culinary dishes. this spice is rarely allergic, but few people can get ginger allergy cross reactivity. In case of cross reactivity, the main food item is not the allergen. But the group to which it belongs to acts as an allergen. For e.g. if a person is allergic to milk, then he may also have cross reactivity to butter and cheese. Same way people who are allergic to onion should stay away from ginger and vice versa.

+ How to magical

It would be rather queer to carry a nifty whisk around at all times, we mastered a trick to get our "Magic Dust" taken just right :

  1. Empty "Magic Dust" in a CUP, pour hot water very slowly, like a steady skinny waterfall, allowing the Dust to force steep as well as get a good swirl.

  2. Empty "Magic Dust" in a BOTTLE, add hot/cold water, juice or a smoothie, shake and drink up!

  3. Sprinkle "Magic Dust"" on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! we mean it, from your chicken soup during lunch or your midnight ice cream run.

Cook, bake, steam, dust, sprinkle, roll, chill, frezze. Be limitless.

+ Rule of thumb

Tea : adjust water according to taste 200ml - 1L

Best efficacy : The higher the temp, the quicker to consume or chill to maintain

Live cultures activated : 30 d.c. | ideal : 80 d.c. | max : -50 d.c. to 140 d.c.

A study

Baked into muffin batter 350 for 20 minutes - freeze immediately - store frozen for 14 days - thaw and count cells at end of 7 day shelf life. Results show that 65% of live culture survived.


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+ shipping

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