broken beginnings

Babes loved to party.

But too many parties later, coupled with unhealthy food, booze and bad habits, our lives finally reached breaking point.

Allergies, leaky guts, chronic exhaustion and crazy downward spirals of depression led us from doctor to doctor. Their prescribed medications only alleviated the symptoms temporarily, and the pains – both emotional and physical – always returned, worse than before.

Desperately hunting for a way out, we chanced upon research that addressed our issues: the human microbiome ecosystem. As we studied more about the interdependent relationship humans have with bacteria, we began making changes to our diet and lifestyle. Over the next few months, we started healing.

Today, we (and many others like us) are walking testaments to the fact that caring for the microbes in our bodies is crucial to total wellness. And we want to help others who seek that wholeness in life.

we are cultured magic dust

Hello, Beautiful. 

we are cultured icon logo motif explained

 Comprises of several tenets which we live by daily. The main nuance of the word “cultured” touches on our foundational belief that a robust inner self, well equipped and confident, is the cornerstone of overall beauty - when we are edified with loving ourselves, we make better choices, attaining an incandescent beauty, grounded in emotional and physical health, is but a consequence. 

Girls, let's get cultured.